“Learn your language well and command it well, 
and you will have the first component to life.”
–  Edward Roscoe Murrow (1908 – 1965)

From a very young age in native Dominican Republic to today, Hergit has always felt a connection with language – its subtleties, its intricacies, and its power. The power words have to bring people together. The power language has to either be a common thread of a dividing force. It is her passion for the word, spoken and written, that led her to the field of communications. This is how she became the youngest news anchor in the history of Dominican television. To see the world evolve around her, have the pulse on all things new and noteworthy in the community and to be entrusted with the task of relaying this to thousands of households further fueled her passion for words. It also solidified her deep respect for just how powerful words are and understand the great responsibility of wordsmiths.

But her curiosity was not limited to her own language, but to others as well – foreign tongues the gateway to other cultures. She set her sights on learning French, through the Alliance Française where she worked as a program manager, and from whom she received a full sponsorship to live and study French in Paris.

Armed with a strong command of Spanish and now well possessing the principles of the French language, Hergit relocated to the United States where she would venture to make English the third language she would become fluent in. Perfecting her English by day – through her studies and working  as Wish Grantor at the Make a Wish Foundation, and as Director of Family Engagement at The Public Education Foundation – Hergit also committed to preserving her native tongue and fostering pride in its use in others. She joined Toastmasters en Español which – during her tenure as president, earned the “Distinguished Club” designation.

Words matter. Using the right words, adequate and appropriate for the context and audience matters. From a very young age, words have been a passion of Hergit’s. Some passions grow stronger with time.