Go like a Pro

by hergit11



A traveling executive doesn’t hang out with his friends,

Rarely plays with his pets,

And usually misses his child first steps

When he gets really cold, he may pay for an escort to warm him up

But he can’t pay for a plate of homemade grub


A traveling executive lives in different time zones,

Jumping from plane to plane,

He lands ahead or behind of his own biological clock

Forever forced to adapt his eating habits,

sleeping habits,

and bathroom habits (or rather lack of thereof)


A traveling executive has to pack light, never forgetting the laptop,

A smart phone,

The flash drive,

Several charging cords,

The print out of the a 1,000 reports

With its charts,


Comparison analysis

And such.


He is a thirty something year old who is working his way up,

Dreaming of the day when the long trips will be cut short

Dreaming of a sunny, lightly breezed Thursday dawn

When he can play golf in the company of people

He may consider his own


He would like an office up above

Where he’d like to stay put,

Swinging back and forth on the same spot,

His eyes on the bay,

A river,

A park,

Or a metallic high rise made of reflections from the sun


An elevator ding!

The slamming of the doors,

The strange voices coming in from the halls

Will not disturb his pleasant stay,

For he is not waking up at the Court- Hil-Four anymore


I will not be in town for that” will be forgotten words

He will enjoy, therefore, a very consistent cup of Joe,

The neighborhood’s morning buzz,

Or the humming of a garage door,

Those familiar noises that whisper in one’s ear: I’m home!


The suitcase tucked away,

Will be collecting dust,

Finally exhaling under the bed,

Finally left alone


The business man who is chasing the star of the north,

Is a ghost

Walking the concourses,

Passing gates and security points,

Always taking his shoes on and off

However, he can be a happy-in middle of no- where- Mr. John Doe

Middle aged,

Middle management,

In a Mid-size convertible of his choice

Because, when he walks up to pick the next sexy thing available from the lot,

He is powerful,


He is in control

He goes like a pro!

He calls the shots:

the color,

the model,

the size,

the torque

His misery, for a hand full of minutes,solved

But, is it really-really gone?